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Spring Block

Cab. Mount Rubber CAT 103-4953


CATERPILLAR Cab. Mount Rubber CAT 103-4953

Mount Suspansion CAT 138-9224


CAT 138-9224 Mount Suspansion CAT

Mount Suspansion CAT 211-4987


Mount Suspansion CAT

Bush Conical CAT 138-9231


CAT 138-9231 Bush Conical CAT

Mount Suspansion CAT 140-1289


CAT 140-1289 Mount Suspansion CAT

Bushing Conical CAT 175-3587


Bushing Conical CAT

Pad As CAT 213-7322


CAT 213-7322 Pad As CAT

Mount Suspanison CAT 195-5789


CAT 195-5789 Mount Suspanison CAT

Pad As CAT 3P-2786


Pad As CAT

Pad CAT 3T-3815


CAT 3T-3815 Mount As CAT

Large Elastomers (Chevrons)


Our range of Large Elastomers (Chevrons) meets the highest standards of quality which provides them superior performance for a longer period of time. Available in flexible designs and superior quality our rubber Large Elastomers (Chevrons)  are offered as per the requirements of our clients at industry leading prices.


Chevrons are robust rubber/metal laminated assemblies designed to absorb high levels of shock and vibration over an extended service life.  They are fitted in pairs on either side of the axle box as  the primary suspension of the bogie. This provides vertical suspension, and acts  as a  guide for the wheelsets in the horizontal directions with no maintenance or wearing surfaces. This feature is critical for the operating environment of this application  Structure-borne noise transmission is reduced by the rubber elements and a rubber buffer, mounted on top of each axlebox limits the vertical deflection between the frame and the wheelset under extreme loading conditions.

Chevron Springs are operating world wide in a diversity of service applications including LRV, Metro, Freight wagons, High Speed Passenger Coaches

and Locomotives. Axlebox load capacities range from 16 kN to 120 kN and vertical deflections from 12mm to 100 mm.


Chevron Springs provide three modes of flexibility for axlebox primary suspensions.

Suspension properties are achieved by fitting the springs in a ’vee’ configuration enabling shear and compression compliance within the rubber elements.

Improved ride characteristics are provided with the advantages of simplicity, long service life and low maintenance costs. Abutting end plates can be produced in light alloy to match with similar material interfaces at the axlebox or vehicle frame.

At the design stage the included angle of the chevron metal plate can be varied between 90 deg. and 140 deg.. To provide specific optimised stiffness characteristics

requested bogie designers.



Bearer Springs provide a bearing medium between rail vehicle bodies and bogies and are operating worldwide in various suspension applications including locomotives, passenger and freight vehicles.



Conventional circular and rectangular bearer springs are designed to support the vehicle body in their compression mode whilst allowing horizontal, lateral and rotational bogie movements by virtue of the more flexible shear mode.

Waisted Type Bearer Springs offer optimised performance within limited space envelopes, particularly where large horizontal displacements require to be accommodated. Further ranges of springs, i.e. Hourglass and

Half-Hourglass Bearer Springs with unique performance characteristics are also detailed in this publication.