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Railway Systems
Railway Systems

Chevron Springs; Chevron Springs, which can also be defined as axle springs and used in Metros, Freight Wagons, High Speed Trains, Light Rail Vehicles and Locomotives, are multi-purpose anti-vibration springs.

By using the angle applied in the chevron spring plates between 90 degrees and 140 degrees, by changing the number of intermediate metals used in the product or by changing the rubber hardness values, the most suitable vibration damping and suspension properties are optimized.

Thanks to their durability, they offer a long service life meaning they are ideal for use in all rail vehicle applications.
Our company, which was the first to produce chevron springs in Turkey and has many chevron spring designs, guarantees many years of durability thanks to the special rubber formulas and functional tests used in its products.

Conical Springs; Metal-rubber compound conical wedges used in Metro, Freight Wagons, High Speed Trains and Locomotives are used as suspension and damping elements. Provides flexibility modes in three different directions. Conical springs are available in different designs, providing very good strength and suspension properties under heavy loads.

Bushings ; Rubber metal compound bushings, which act as an interface between two parts and whose main purpose is to dampen the vibration caused by the interaction of the two parts, can be produced in different designs according to the operating conditions at the place of use.
The bushings are designed with special rubber formulas, taking into account the load and vibration in the place of use, and are presented to the users after load and torsion tests are performed.

Bellows; Bellows rubbers increase the durability of working parts by providing impermeability to dust and various chemicals at the place of use.
Bellows tires, which can be produced in different designs and with special rubber formulas depending on the place of use, are simulated in design programs before moving on to the production stage.

Elastic Couplings; Elastic couplings are used to eliminate axial misalignment of couplings, which are transmission elements, to minimize friction-induced wear and to reduce vibration.
Babacan Kauçuk, which has approximately 30 types of elastic couplings in its product range, produces elastic couplings used in rail system vehicles.
Depending on the area of use, it can be produced in rubber, polyurethane and cloth.

Sealing Elements; Our company, which has been producing sealing elements since its establishment, is also the distributor of domestic and foreign companies.
It produces and sells brake seals, oil seals and hydraulic cylinder repair kits for the rail systems sector.

Vibration Mounts; Our company, which has been producing vibration mounts since its establishment, has many types of vibration mounts.
Vibration mounts designed with special rubber formulas, taking into account the load and vibration at the place of use, are offered to users after load and life tests.

With special rubber formulas, it produces parts in accordance with EN 45545-2 HL 1, HL2, HL3 standards.

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