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Defense Industry

In its 6500 m2 production facility, Babacan Kaucuk can produce sealing elements, vibration damping elements, diaphragms developed with technical rubber mixtures and engineering designs, and products with special designs in accordance with national and international standards in line with customer demands. Thanks to its 30 years of successful and experienced production, BABACAN has become a brand company and still has the ISO-9001 quality management system certificate. Babacan, which produces in international norms and standards with this experience, continues its production especially in the defense industry in accordance with the norms of ASTM D200- DIN SAE J - MILITARY (MIL SPEC) STANDARDS UNDER NATO.


  • Special rubber production in accordance with smoke and fire standards.
  • Antistatic rubber production
  • Production of products with high vibration damping capability
  • Production of special diaphragm working at high pressure